• Curriculum Requirements

    There are  testing and curriculum requirements a student must meet in order to earn an Ohio diploma. Students must pass all five parts of the Ohio Graduation Tests in Reading, Writing, Math, Science and Citizenship, and completion of at least 22 curriculum units, which are listed below. 


    4.5 Units                
    (includes 0.5 unit of senior seminar) 
     Fine Arts  1 unit  Must include instruction in economics and financial literacy during grades 9-12 and must complete at least two semesters of the fine arts taken any time in grades 7-12. Students following a Career-Technical Education (CTE) pathway are exempted from the fine arts requirement.
     Foreign Language  1 unit  
     Health   0.5 unit  
     Mathematics   4 units Must include Algebra II or equivalent
     Physical Education     0.5 units Must complete 120 hours of Physical Education to earn 0.5 credit
    Science 3 units Must include 1 unit of physical sciences, 1 unit of life sciences and 1 unit of advanced study in one or more of the following sciences: chemistry, physics, or other physical science: advanced biology or other life science: astronomy, physical geology or other earth or space science
     Social Studies  3 units Must include 0.5 unit of American History and 0.5 unit of American Government
     Electives  4.5 Units  
    A minimum of 22.0 units required to be eligible for graduation


    Alternative Pathways

    O.T.C.O – Ohio Technical College.

    • This is Ginn Academy’s 6th year with O.T.C.O.
    • Works with the Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District.
    • Curtis Truss and Ann Gliha are in charge of this program.
    • Students have the opportunity to earn college credit.
    • This program is for 11th and 12th grade Ginn Academy students.
    • Anyone interested should speak to Mrs. Parker and/or Mr. Chinchar.

    E.C.E.C – Early College Early Career

    • Cuyahoga Community College (Tri C) – Students go 4 days a week.
    • Lincoln Electric- Students go one day a week. (Welding)
    • Brittany Becker is in charge of this program.
    • This program is for 10th and 11th grade Ginn Academy students.

    All of these programs are part of the alternative pathway.