• The Ginn Academy Alumni Association

    In the past, the Alumni Assocation functioned as a mentorship for current students.  It's current iteration hopes to continue to work with current students, but focus on connecting gradutates in hopes of continuing the success of individuals in their post-gratudation goals.

    Additional information on joining or contacting the current association will be available soon. 

    Please download and fillout the following form to apply for membership in the association. 




    The Cleveland Mentors organization helped put together a platform for our alumni mentoring program to connect all of our Ginn family so that they can help each other. 2011 graduate, Nick Davis, had taken the lead on creating the organization. 

    Coach Ginn has long wanted to see graduates of Ginn Academy return to help him guide the next generation. "Mentoring to me is an everyday job," says Coach Ginn. The program began with current seniors each being assigned a Ginn graduate as a mentor. 

    No matter where you live or go to school, any graduate of Ginn Academy can be a mentor. That's because mentors and mentees will communicate mainly via regular emails. Ginn Academy partnered with the Cleveland Mentors organization, which matches up mentors and mentees on a software platform and facilitates an emailed conversation between the two parties twice a month.

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