• FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions)

    Is there a fee?
    No, this academy is a part of Cleveland Metropolitan School District, which is a public school district.

    What if I live outside of Cleveland? Will my son get transportation?

    As long as your son is accepted and you can provide transportation he can attend any CMSD school. Transportation is provided to residents of the city of Cleveland based on guidelines set by the CMSD transportation department.

    My son currently attends a charter school, how do I transfer him to Ginn?

    If your son is enrolled in a school outside of CMSD, you may enroll him at any CMSD school. You will need birth certificate, shot record, proof of withdrawal, most recent report card from his previous school, proof of residency, and parent current valid ID.

    We live with someone else so I don’t have proof of residency in my name. What can I do?

    If you are living with someone else you should contact Project ACT, (216) 838-0210, who can complete your enrollment. This also applies to families that are homeless or living in a shelter. You may also walk in at CMSD Administration Building at 1111 Superior.

    What if my son has an IEP or needs one?

    If your son receives special education services you must go to the CMSD Administration Building at 1111 Superior, to enroll or transfer to Ginn. We have a school psychologist and many full-time intervention specialists who can assess and provide services for scholars with identified needs.

    Is there a fee for lunch?
    Every scholar enrolled in CMSD receives a free lunch. No application required.

    What is your dress code?
    Please visit our Dress Code page under School Policies.

    What about PTA or PTO?
    CMSD's Office of Family and Community Engagement (FACE)  helps develop building level organizations.  CMSD also employs Parent Ambassadors.  If you are interested in being part of either, contact the school.