• Burten, Bell, Carr Development, Incorporated (BBC) is a non-profit neighborhood development organization founded in 1990 that serves Cleveland’s Central and Kinsman neighborhoods (Ward 5). The mission of BBC is to empower citizens, and revitalize blighted and underserved communities.

    As the Lead Agency for the Community Wraparound Initiative at both George Washington Carver STEM and Anton Grdina School, BBC works closely with the Site Coordinator at each school to identify community resources and social supports for the school and the surrounding community. The services provided in each school will be tailored specifically to the school’s students, families and the surrounding community. Community resources offered may include, but are not limited to academic support and enrichment; parent leadership and family engagement; medical, dental and mental health services and more.

    Learn more about Burten Bell Carr Development and the programs and services they provide at their website: http://www.bbcdevelopment.org/