MC2STEM High School at The Great Lakes Science Center

    601 Erieside Ave, Cleveland, Ohio 44104


    • Once on Erieside Avenue drive until you come to the Browns’ Stadium.

    • Turn right between the Browns’ Stadium and the Great Lakes Science Center (GLSC).

    • You will see the Parking sign on the right of the Science Center as you turn right between the Browns’ Stadium and the Science Center.

    • As you enter the parking garage, bear to a sharp right. At the end of the first lane and first curve you will see a set of double glass doors off to your left. It is those glass doors that you will walk through.

    • Please park anywhere close to the sliding glass doors.

    • Once parked, enter the double sliding glass doors. Follow the corridor with a cement floor.

    • Open the 2nd set of double doors - they push away from you to open.

    • Once you have actually entered the building, please bear to your left. In front of you, you will see outside the windows towards the lake.

    • You will pass the Reinberger Auditorium on your left. Keep walking towards the left until you come to a large silver garage door. If the door is locked, please knock or call the number posted on the door.


    Parking Validation

    Upon entry in the garage, pull an entrance ticket. A validation will be provided for your departure.