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CMSD brings ACT to junior class

CMSD gave the ACT college admission test to juniors in the District's high schools on Tuesday, a convenience designed to help more students pursue higher education.
It was the fourth year that CMSD has served as an ACT testing site and covered the cost of the exams. The testing company monitors to ensure that security and other procedures are followed.
CMSD is seeking to develop a culture built on career and college readiness. The District's graduation rate is at a record 66.1 percent, and data compiled by the Higher Education Compact of Greater Cleveland shows that students are growing better prepared for college and other postsecondary work.
Because of Cleveland's poverty, CMSD students qualify for two free tries at the ACT, so offering the test could represent a third, said Karen Thompson, deputy director of curriculum and instruction. She said research shows that scores increase with additional exposure to the exam.
"We need to give our students a chance to practice a career and college readiness assessment," she said.
The District administers the PSAT, or Preliminary SAT to students in the eighth through 11th grades. The PSAT serves as practice for the SAT but can help students earn scholarships.