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Fox 8 spots tout CMSD

Three spots promoting the quality education available through CMSD are airing this month on the Fox 8 television station.

The Cleveland Foundation produced the videos, which are labeled “Fox 8 Cleveland’s Own Schools.” The title mimics the station’s “Cleveland’s own” slogan.

The foundation produced a similar series, titled "Achieve the Possible," that ran on WKYC-TV last month during the station's broadcasts of the Summer Olympics.
In one of the Fox 8 spots, Matthew Moody, a 2016 graduate of Cleveland Early College High School, calls the school “amazing” and describes his experience there as “priceless.” Matthew, who has gone on to American University, said the CMSD high school “has really helped me become who I want to be,” a high school teacher.
In a second video, Wynnter Millsaps, a junior at Bard High School Early College Cleveland, describes the school as a “writing and thinking high school” and “intellectually stimulating.” The school, one of handful of its kind in the United States, allows students to seamlessly earn a CMSD diploma and a tuition-free associate of arts degree from Bard in four years.

“I have never been around so many adults that actually cared what I have to say,” Wynnter says.

In the third spot, Joseph Mckay Jr., a welding instructor at Max S. Hayes High School, says the best part of his job is seeing students grow and learn. He notes that 19 Max Hayes students earned welding certification last school year.

“I am proud to be one of Cleveland’s own teachers, empowering students,” he says.

The ads will air a combined total of more than 80 times before the run ends Sept. 25.