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District, CSU celebrate opening of new home for Campus International (video and photo gallery)




Leaders cut the ribbon at the new home of CMSD’s Campus International K-8 School on Wednesday, celebrating a building that is designed to reflect the spirit of its students and staff.

The four-story building, which opened last month, is located at E. 22nd Street and Payne Ave., on land leased from Cleveland State University. The school is a partnership with the university.

Founded in 2010, Campus International K-8 is an open-enrollment International Baccalaureate school, teaching students to be global citizens, critical thinkers and agents for change. CSU faculty research school practices that can be applied across the District.

University President Ronald Berkman had envisioned development of an “education park” that expanded last month with the opening of CMSD’s Campus International High School.

“I always dreamt and wished we would have a physical structure that would serve as a testament to what has been built here and a testament to the students who receive this glorious opportunity,” he said.

The K-8 school, which has 735 students, consolidated classes formerly spread across two buildings on East 30th Street.

In designing the new building, architects sought input from teachers, who, in turn, solicited ideas from students. One result: instead of a cafeteria there is a café with high tables and a variety of seats reminiscent of odds and ends in the kids’ former space.


District Chief Executive Officer Eric Gordon noted that Campus International teaches Mandarin Chinese as early as kindergarten and offers flexible scheduling so children have additional time for art, music, research and “whatever it is that compels that student to dream.”

The CEO said Campus International exemplifies the District’s efforts to create a portfolio of different options that “kids want and families will choose.”

He acknowledged the need to raise the District's academic achievement and commended his audience for being part of the solution.

“Thank you,” he said. “And welcome home.”