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Campus K-8 wins Model UN award


Model UN  

Daniela Milan, the Cleveland Council on World Affairs' manager of programming, presents an award to the Campus International K-8 School's Model UN team.


The Cleveland Council on World Affairs has presented Campus International K-8 School for winning first place in the Spring Junior Model UN Conference.

A team of seventh- and eighth-graders received the award for Best Large Delegation, earning the award by finishing first in skills such as debating and writing position papers.

Daniela Milan, the council’s manager of programming, visited the school this month to present the award.

Team members, who represented various countries and served on UN committeees such as those involving refugees and human rights, included Milo McDonald, Neela Narine-Williams, Charles Pohl, Eric Pohl, Juilo Perez, Robert Keyser, Vivian Cox, Jonah Schwab, Isabella Kirchner, Lee McBride, Jazzalyn Brooks, Georgia Larive, Augustine Bearden, Sophia Ahmadadeen, Anya Bruce, Yoshia Brown and Gabriela Demarco.

The council sponsors six conferences per year, two at the junior level, for middle grades, and the remainder for high schools. The Spring Junior Model Conference featured nearly 200 students from 15 Northeast Ohio schools.