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Collaboration between parents, teachers and Cleveland school officials is fundamental for the schools' success

The majority of Cleveland's neighborhood schools could be off to a great year when the doors open tomorrow.
Some of those changes in the district are already visible. A drive around town reveals that some of the 13 “investment schools” — struggling schools that need intensive help — are getting new playgrounds (Case Elementary) a thorough cleaning and new fencing (Lincoln-West High school) and even a new building: Carl and Louis Stokes Academy in the Central neighborhood is moving to what was once Alfred Benesch Elementary School, near East 55th Street and Quincy Avenue.

The good part? Many of those changes came about because the district listened to small but deeply engaged groups of parents who created wish lists for their investment schools at district-sponsored meetings a few months ago. These improvements now under way should increase the district’s credibility with parents when it says that it’s trying to turn things around.