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Stedman Graham Starts Program at Ginn Academy

August 16, 2013, by Monica Volante Fox8

CLEVELAND — A man with close ties to one of the world’s most famous media moguls is implementing his Leadership Identity program in one of Cleveland’s schools.

Stedman Graham, known for years as Oprah Winfrey’s partner, spoke to teachers at Ginn Academy Friday.

Teachers and staff members were trained for a course that centers around Graham’s book, “Teens Can Make it Happen.”

The course covers time management and self performance.

“I just want the light bulbs to go off. I want people to get it and understand that everyone has 24 hours, so we’re all equal because we have 24 hours,” said Graham. “The question is how do you organize the 24 hours around yourself to develop yourself and improve your performance in everything that you do and anything in your life that’s possible?”

One teacher has been put in place for the Leadership Identity program and is being trained specifically for the course. The entire staff will thread the program throughout the core curriculum.