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District changes schedule for meetings on building plan


CMSD has changed a schedule of important meetings on a forthcoming plan for its buildings and pushed the first session back a week to March 25.

See the  new schedule here.

The revised master facilities plan will seek to make efficient use of schools, deal with declining and shifting enrollment and get the most out of limited state construction funds, all while ensuring that every neighborhood has access to high-quality academic options.

Some schools could merge, and construction priorities might shift. The Board of Education could ask voters to renew the bond issue that they approved for construction and renovation in 2001. That would ensure the District can continue to improve older schools and build replacements for other schools that are obsolete.

The state has invested nearly $700 million in District construction projects since 2001, putting in $2 for every $1 spent by CMSD from the bond issue. So far, the District has built 31 schools, renovated seven others and has three more schools under construction -- Max S. Hayes High School, John Marshall High School and Cleveland School of the Arts.

The 12 community meetings will be used to gather public comment before the Board of Education votes on the plan.