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CMSD will take more time drafting facilities plan to 'get it right'


CMSD Chief Executive Officer Eric Gordon says the District needs more time to draft a facilities plan that will ensure quality school options are available in every neighborhood.

Twelve community meetings, which were to begin on Tuesday, March 25, will be rescheduled as soon as recommendations are final.   

Implementing The Cleveland Plan, requires a far more thoughtful and informed facilities planning process than in the past, Gordon said.

 “Part of the complexity of the facilities plan is that CMSD must take into account not only enrollment and facilities use, but also our need to honor our commitment to the community to offer quality school choices across the city," he said.

“We need more time to figure out what’s best for each neighborhood, and we will take the time we need to get it right.”

CMSD has taken numerous steps to gather the information the CEO says is vital for developing the plan, including holding community meetings to get input, consulting with experts in the field and gathering data from multiple sources.

"Our goal is to make thoughtful, data-driven decisions,” said Gordon.  “This plan will affect the city and the District for years to come, and we cannot afford to get it wrong.”