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CMSD searching nationwide for new teacher candidates



For the first time in years, the Cleveland Metropolitan School District projects a major need for new teachers and is searching nationwide for candidates.


With a wave retirements hitting, CMSD will have to hire at least 150 new teachers next school year, Chief Talent Officer Lora Cover said. Another factor will come into play in 2015, when the effects of a new, more rigorous evaluation system are felt.

The District will soon launch a website to attract prospects who are passionate about urban education and possess the skills required to help children close the achievement gap as quickly as possible. Cover is confident of capitalizing on interest in The Cleveland Plan and the sweeping reforms charted in the document.

“I think people are going to be attracted to real change that is happening here,” she said.

Openings were recently posted online. The application can be found here.

The District is seeking to line up four to seven prospects per opening, including hard-to-fill positions like special education, bilingual education, math and science teachers and media specialists.  Pay starts at a regionally competitive $42,700 a year, with the chance to get raises based on individual and school results.

Brianna Savoca, CMSD’s new director of talent acquisition, said that in addition to pointing to The Cleveland Plan, recruiters can sell teachers on a city that is witnessing redevelopment and a downtown revival.

Savoca said assets include the area’s ethnic diversity, low cost of living and hunger for change, both in the schools and the community as a whole. She said CMSD is small enough for newcomers to make their presence felt but large enough to set a national standard.

“The time is now to come to Cleveland,” she said.