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Kasich signs bill at CMSD "wraparound" school


Out of all the schools in the state, Gov. John Kasich chose CMSD’s Anton Grdina School as the location to sign the 2014 Mid-Biennium Review legislation Thursday.

Among other things, the mid-biennium budget bill attempts to expand the concept of “community connectors,” like the “wraparound” schools created under The Cleveland Plan, a sweeping state-approved reform plan. CMSD has 22 wraparound schools, including Anton Grdina, that use a community-based approach to increase access to tutoring, health services and mentoring. 

Kasich Joined by city leaders and District students, Kasich praised schools Chief Executive Officer Eric Gordon and told the crowd in the gymnasium that the Cleveland Metropolitan School District can serve as a model for the country. 
“The Cleveland school reform plan, in my opinion, has to work, because it becomes the model for America,” Kasich said. “The more we can spread the message to people across all ideological spectrums about The Cleveland Plan, and the more support we can give Eric, the better off we’re going to be as a community and as a state.”

Kasich said the legislation also expands career-technical education to keep students from dropping out.

A large group of CMSD elementary students joined the governor at the table for the ceremony, along with Gordon, Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson, United Way President and CEO Bill Kitson, and other state and local officials.

A few students were invited to write on the bills and many left with a souvenir pen straight from Kasich’s hand.