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No One Eats Alone at Wilbur Wright (video)

Students at CMSD's Wilbur Wright School broke from their routines Thursday,  seeking out new lunch partners as part of national No One Eats Alone Day.
The California-based group Beyond Differences launched the initiative to help end social isolation.  Wilbur Wright's celebration included a visit from Nicole Hockley, whose son, Dylan, was among the 26 people killed in the shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn., in 2012.
Hockley is communications director for Sandy Hook Promise,  a nonprofit group founded by families of the shooting victims. The group promotes solutions to gun violence.
Wilbur Wright, a West Side school for prekindergarten through eighth grade, plans to hold monthly No One Eats Alone Days through the end of the school year.