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Tech distribution starts week of Aug. 17

The Cleveland Metropolitan School District is gearing up for remote learning by distributing devices and connecting more families to the Internet over the next several weeks. 

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, CMSD will offer all instruction online for the first nine weeks of the new school year. The District will decide quarter by quarter how to conduct school, based on the current health risk and public input. 

After Gov. Mike DeWine closed school buildings in the spring, the District worked to assure that every CMSD household had a device for student use and could connect to the Internet. Now the goal is to make sure that not just every household but every student who needs one has a laptop, Chromebook or other device suitable for remote learning.

The District will distribute devices to families of students from CMSD’s year-round schools the week of Aug. 17 and families of students enrolled in other District schools, starting Aug. 20. 

Families who are unable to access the Internet will receive hotspots from the District or be connected through the nonprofit DigitalC and its high-speed Internet service. The school district will pay for installation and monthly fees.

Families will be contacted with specific dates and times for distribution of devices and hotspots, where needed.

When buildings were closed abruptly in the spring, remote learning focused on enrichment. With more time to prepare, the District will offer a more structured and rigorous online academic program this fall.  

Read the District’s plan for the year at