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Secretary of Education visits MC²STEM (Video)





U.S. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos was in Cleveland on Tuesday and spent part of that time observing MC²STEM High School's ninth-grade classrooms at the Great Lakes Science Center.

DeVos toured the science center to learn how its community partnerships are shaping STEM workforce development programs in advanced manufacturing and emerging technologies. One of the lakefront museum's partnerships is on display in a wing of classrooms that serve as the home of MC²STEM's freshman class.

Principal Feowyn MacKinnon told DeVos about the high school's system of project-based learning and class schedules that change daily to align with students' projects. MacKinnon also spoke about the school's mastery-based instruction, which allows students to advance as they master a course's skills and knowledge. 

Regina, a 10th-grader who attended classes at the science center last year, joined the principal and District CEO Eric Gordon in greeting DeVos. Regina told the secretary about the progress that can be found on the District's new state report card.

MC²STEM, just one of many school choices available to CMSD families, holds 10th-grade classes at GE's Nela Park Campus and 11th- and 12th-grade classes at Cleveland State University. Gordon said the District "appreciates the secretary coming to see how we promote choice in Cleveland."