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20 schools named among America's healthiest



Twenty CMSD schools have received national recognition for their efforts to promote healthy practices.

The Alliance for a Healthier Generation ranked the group among America’s Healthiest Schools for 2020. The number is the largest yet for the District.

Marion C. Seltzer School earned a silver award, the second highest honor after gold.

The following schools received the bronze award: Harvey Rice, A.J. Rickoff, Sunbeam, Hannah Gibbons, Adlai Stevenson, Patrick Henry, Tremont, Anton Grdina, Nathan Hale, Glenville High School, Walton, Willson, R.G. Jones, Clark, Garfield, Almira, Douglas MacArthur Girls' Leadership Academy, Riverside and Miles Park.

CMSD schools were the only schools in Ohio to be honored. See a list of the nation's 517 winners.

The program, launched in 2006, evaluates the ways schools promote nutrition, health education and physical activity and create a healthy environment for students and staff. 

For example, R.G. Jones organized a morning Walking for Wellness group and partnered wtih a local church for monthly produce distributions. Riverside offered a morning running program, drawing an average of 40 students three times a week, and evening fitness sessions.  

Willson School opened a meditation room and used a grant to start FoodStrong, a curriculum that educates students on growing, eating, selling and cooking fruits, vegetables and herbs raised in a school garden. Miles Park created a calendar with different fun, physical activities for students to engage in each day. 

Garrett Morgan High School became the first school from the District and the first in Ohio to win the elite gold award when it received the honor in 2016.