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Glenville High School opens relaxation room for educators




On the second floor of Glenville High School is a room where educators can take a mental break.

This relaxation room is Principal Latonia Davis’ way of thanking her staff for all they do.

“Sometimes things happen out of our control,” said Davis. “It can be something in our own personal lives, but it also can be something happening at school. So, this place is here for them to take a moment to come here and take a break.”

This piece of serenity is filled with couches, waterfalls, words of encouragement and massage chairs.

“The massage chairs also recline,” said Davis. “There are partitions between the chairs because this is not a place of fellowship. Educators have a teachers lounge for that. Here, they can take a moment to woosah," slang for a feeling of being calm and relaxed.  

Davis says students have a room where they can take a break, too. The students’ room has video games, a pool table and more.