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One School, One Book helps students gain a love of reading (Video)





Students at Mary M. Bethune PreK-8 school are all reading “Cleo Edison Oliver, Playground Millionaire” by Sundee Tucker Frazier, this semester.

From kindergarten to eighth grade, each class is reading the chapters aloud or watching educators read on the school’s YouTube page.

This is the fourth book students have read as a part of Mary M. Bethune’s One School, One Book reading program.

“It is like a schoolwide book club,” said Giovanni, an eighth grader.

“We wanted to reinforce reading instruction and get more parent involvement and foster a love for reading,” Assistant Principal Delarisia Bruce said.

The lessons surrounding the book are tailored to each grade.

Bruce said students’ reading comprehension is stronger when they take tests, and some students have started reading for pleasure.

“I have noticed students in the cafeteria reading books during lunchtime,” said Bruce.  “And these are students who were not reading for leisure before.”