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Fifth Graders at Albert Bushnell Hart Transform Classroom into Planetarium (Video)




Fifth grade students in Amanda De La Rosa’s class at Albert Bushnell Hart Elementary School spent the past few weeks answering an essential question: How are the cycles and patterns between the Earth and the sun predictable and how do these cycles and patterns effect Earth?

Students spent time researching and learning about Earth’s rotation and revolution around the sun. They worked in groups to create a physical, digital, or oratory museum display answering this question. But, the class wanted to do more. They wanted to convert their classroom into a planetarium to show guests which constellations are visible during the different seasons as the Earth makes its trip around the sun.

The students met with an astronomer and talked about the elements of an engaging planetarium show. They nominated and voted on classmates to direct the show. Other students built constellation tubes that would display star patterns on the classroom walls and ceiling when they shined a flashlight through them.

This project was part of the District’s Demonstrations of Learning. Demonstrations of Learning blend content mastery, meaningful work, and transferrable skills to create powerful learning experiences in both academic achievement and students’ personal growth.