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William Rainey Harper Celebrates First Eighth Grade Promotion Ceremony: Principal Reflects on Six-Year Journey (Video)





In a momentous occasion, William Rainey Harper PreK- 8 School marked its first eighth-grade promotion ceremony, celebrating a six-year journey for its inaugural group of eighth-grade scholars.

Principal Dr. Ajayi Monell says this achievement is the culmination of opening the school in 2018 as a Prek-3 school and adding a grade level each year until reaching the milestone of an eighth-grade promotion ceremony.

“I've seen some of these scholars come in as third-grade babies, and now they are eighth grade scholars getting ready to go off to high school,” said Dr. Monell.

Dr. Monell, says the promotion ceremony is bittersweet as many of the 23 students called Harper home for the last six years.

“They've always been the biggest kids on campus, and now we're sending off some amazingly talented and educated and amazing scholars to high school,” said Dr. Monell. “While they may be leaving, these scholars will always be Harper Panthers.” 

Beyond individual achievements, William Rainey Harper has garnered recognition for its commitment to excellence by earning authorization as an International Baccalaureate Primary Years Program school, as well as being recognized as one of America's healthiest schools. The six-year journey underscores the school's dedication to providing a nurturing and enriching environment for its students.