• The WIZ

    The Production


    The Original Cast
    Broadway Revival Cast (1984)


    1975 Tony Awards
    Best Musical
    Best Original Score (Charlie Smalls)
    Best Direction of a Musical (Geoffrey Holder)
    Best Choreography (George Faison)
    Best Costume Design (Geoffrey Holder)
    Best Performance by a Featured Actor in a Musical (Ted Ross)
    Best Performance by a Featured Actress in a Musical (Dee Dee Bridgewater)
    1975 Drama Desk Awards
    Outstanding Musical
    Outstanding Featured Actor in a Musical (Ted Ross)
    Outstanding Choreography (George Faison)
    Outstanding Music and Lyrics (Charlie Smalls)
    Outstanding Costume Design (Geoffrey Holder)


    1975 Tony Awards
    Watch Geoffrey Holder win the Tonyfor Best Director, presented by Ray Bolger, who played the Scarecrow in the 1939 film adaptation of The Wizard of Oz.
    Interview with Choreographer George Faison
    Watch a 2016 interview with The Wiz choreographer George Faison, who received the 1975 Tony for Best Choreography.
    AUNT EM: Dorothy's Aunt. Life has not been easy for her and promises little else. She is harsh towards Dorothy at times, but acts out of love.

    DOROTHY: Bright-eyed and alive as can be. Dorothy would rather remain a child as long as possible instead of accepting the responsibilities of adulthood.

    UNCLE HENRY: Dorothy's Uncle. Henry is physically run down from years of hard work on the farm, and often acts as the voice of reason toward Aunt Em.

    ADDAPERLE: Good Witch of the North. She has magic powers she refers to as "doing tricks." Her magic abilities don't always pan out as well as she would like them to.

    YELLOW BRICK ROAD: Dancing actors combine to create the Yellow Brick Road. They metaphorically represent the road Dorothy travels down, encouraging her along the way.

    SCARECROW: Tired of being a scarecrow and the prospect of not going anywhere, he embarks on the journey to see the Wiz in hopes he can secure a brain.

    TIN MAN: Human at one time, the Tin Man lost all his limbs to a cursed axe. He joins in the journey in hope that the Wiz will provide him a heart because “it isn’t enough to be good looking.”

    LION: The Lion travels around the jungle scaring people, but has “a yellow streak a mile wide.” His coward state stems from deeper mother issues and he gets regular counseling from an owl. Joins in the journey to see The Wiz to gain some courage.

    THE WIZ: The all-powerful leader over the land of Oz. Hides his true nature behind the façade of a temperamental leader. His true identity is an enigma.

    EVILLENE: Wicked Witch of the West. The personification of low-down evil, Evillene doesn’t have a kind bone in her body or kind thought in her rotten mind.

    GLINDA: The Good Witch of the South, Glinda is the prettiest of all the witches. She is wise in the way of show business.

    ENSEMBLE: Toto The Dog, Gatekeeper, Tornado, Munchkins, Crows, Kalidahs, Poppies, Field Mice, Emeral City Citizens, Flying Monkeys, Soldier Messenger

    Source: Samuel French