• Segment 8
    Capital Improvements
  • School Construction and Renovation

    The eighth and final segment of CMSD’s construction program will include three new buildings and major renovation of a fourth school. This page will keep you updated on progress.

    The District will renovate Joseph M. Gallagher PreK-8 School and build replacements for Clark PreK-8 School, Marion C. Seltzer PreK-8 School and the Lincoln-West high school campus. All the construction projects will take place on the current sites.

    The projects are part of a modernization program that began after the roof at the former East High School, now East Professional Center, collapsed in 2000.

    Since the program began, the District has built or substantially renovated 51 buildings.

    The Ohio Facilities Construction Commission has paid two-thirds of eligible expenses, and bond issues approved by District voters have paid the rest. Costs for Segment 8, including demolition of older buildings, are estimated at more than $128 million.

    Community meetings were held March 10-15, 2022 so the public could meet the architects and provide input on traffic flow and exterior design.


    Contact Information

    Hollie Dellisanti, Executive Director, Architectural Services
    Email | 216.838.0406
    Construction Project Updates

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  • Marion C. Seltzer
  • Clark
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