• Bus Tracker Troubleshooting and Tips



    Troubleshooting: Accounts and Registration 

    Don’t have the Student ID # 

    • You can also request your  student’s Student ID # by visiting the school.
    • Many students have their Student ID # memorized.
    • Your student’s Student ID # is also printed on the Transportation Mailer sent prior to the start of the school year. 

    Can’t Register Student for Bus Tracker

    Only students who are eligible for CMSD bus transportation will be found in the Bus Tracker system. If your student is assigned to a bus but the Bus Tracker can’t find them in the system, please contact the Transportation Department at 216-838-4BUS(4287) or email us BusTracker@clevelandmetroschools.org.


    Troubleshooting & Tips: Using the System 

    Student  Doesn’t Appear under Registered Students when I use my SmartPhone

    In order to display students, your web browser must not be in Private Mode or Incognito Mode. Click the links below to learn how to turn off Privacy mode:

    First Stop on the Route

    If your bus stop is the first stop on the bus route, you may find that the tracker will be less accurate.

    Actual Stop Time Still Says Pending

    The system will update the Actual Stop Time if the bus driver stops and opens the door. If the door is not opened at a particular stop, the Actual Start Time will say “Pending” even after the bus passes by. In this instance, the refresh button can help track the location of the bus.

    Timeout ("Request failed")                                                         

    If the Request failed message is displayed, please logout and re-login to reconnect.

    Viewing Timeframe

    ("Run is not within the time window")

    Your child’s bus can only be tracked during a set time window that is based on the first and last bus stops on the bus route. If you attempt to track a bus too early or too late in the day, you will see this message.


    Troubleshooting: Request Help or Report a Problem 

    Email BusTracker@clevelandmetroschools.org at any time to request technical assistance.