• Accounts Payable

    1111 Superior Ave E
    Cleveland, Ohio 44114
    Hours: 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.
    MAIN PHONE: 216-838-0380 (Centrally managed voicemail - 24 hour response)

    Ebony Boothe, Accounts Payable Manager - (216) 838-0385

    Bernie Eichner, Technical Support - (216) 838-0416

    Our mission is to provide timely and accurate expenditure processing of Cleveland Metropolitan School District funds, while maintaining an exceptional level of customer service and financial control.

    All processing procedures in Accounts Payable are consistent with the Cleveland Metropolitan School District and the State of Ohio guidelines. The Accounts Payable Division is an essential support function in Educating Cleveland’s Children.

    Please Read to help us process invoices more efficiently.


    As a reminder all suppliers and team members should submit supplier invoices directly to APinvoice@ClevelandMetroSchools.org and list the name of the Supplier in the Subject line of the email, and include the Con/PO, Invoice and receipt numbers in the body of the email.

    For the most efficient processing, please e-mail your invoices to the APinvoice@ClevelandMetroSchools.org and Copy the CMSD Educator that generated the PO. By doing this the communication reaches the required receiving approver and AP at the same time.

    Current AP Staff e-mails and corresponding vendor name by letter assignments are as follows for questions:

    Accounting Rep


    Arlene Schaefer
    email: Arlene.Schaefer
    J, K, U, V, W, X, Y, Z
    Betty Kucinski
    email: Betty.Kucinski
    Food, Construction, Jane Addams Kitchen, Trades, Law Dept.
    Cassandra Proctor
    email: Cassandra.Proctor
    D, G, H
    Endrit Bregasi
    email: Endrit.Bregasi
    E, F, Lakeshore Learning, Aged Payables
    Jason Plats
    email: Jason.Plats
    S, T, Facilities
    Me'Gayle Noisette
    A, L, M, Dell, All-City
    Musa Harb
    email: Musa.Harb
    B, C, I, N
    Rena Johnson
    email: Rena.Johnson
    O, P, Q, R, Remit to address changes, Returned CMSD checks
    Sonora Cox
    email: Sonora.Cox
    Follett, Office Depot, Utilities
    Bridget Seneff
    email: Bridget.Seneff



    Process all payment requests for vendors, 1099s, employee, mileage, and travel expense reimbursements.

    • Check runs are Tuesday and Thursday nights.
    • Vendor assignments are alphabetical.

    Provide training to school personnel concerning accounts payable issues.

    • The Vendor Service Unit makes on site visits to schools to train and assist on accounts payable issues.
    • Appointments are made by the assigned AP Representative.


    Call the main phone (216-838-0380) for a Sales Tax Exempt Form