New Principals Principals are the "single most important factor in our work," Chief Executive Officer Eric Gordon said Wednesday as he greeted a roomful of new CMSD principals.

Wednesday marked the start of the CMSD fiscal year and the first official day on the job for 19 principals who have never before served the District in that role. With a few slots remaining to be filled, nearly a fourth of the District's schools could see changes in leadership.

Gordon reminded the group that they are joining a system that is undergoing radical reform under The Cleveland Plan and shifting the bulk of responsibility for hiring, scheduling and spending decisions from the central office to the buildings, where the people know best what their students need. He expressed confidence that his audience was up to the challenge.

"There is not a principal who is here with my reluctance," he said during an orientation session at the East Professional Center. "If you don't make it past me, you don't make it."


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