• Air Force JROTC 3rd Newsletter!!! September 26, 2017

    Upcoming events


    N.O.W summit is this Friday, September 29. Sgt Shaw has 12 cadets who want to go, she can take up to 20. If you are interested in stopping bullying at JMHS and creating safer space and meeting new students from all the other schools, let her know ASAP. It goes from 10-1 and the bus will leave around 9:15 and return by 2.


    Our 1st Drill competition at Midview H.S. AFJROTC drill meet will be held on 4 November 2017 at Midview High School, Grafton, OH, all JROTC members are invited to attend.


    If you want to participate, you need to start coming to drill practice. Is anyone interested in joining Stellar Xplorer’s, Cyber Patroit, Academic Challenge, or Drone Club?? Stellar Xplorer is a program designed for competition exciting students about space, STEM, and many opportunities available in Space Operations. Cyber Patriot we will put a team together to compete with other schools managing a network of a small company and tasked with finding cybersecurity vulnerabilities.


    Academic Challenge will be once a week getting students together to go over a competitive series of tests designed to present a challenge to the brightest students. You will be competing with other JROTC members as well as other students from JMHS. Drone Club you will learn and be able to fly a DJI Phantom IV drone. Please see Sgt Shaw/Lt Col Milliken if interested in any of these programs. She needs to know NLT 3 Oct 17.


    Color Guard & Drill - Mon and Tues

    Drill Ex -Mon and Weds

    Armed Drill- Thurs

    JROTC Basketball and Choir-Fri



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