• Personalized Learning Cycle

    Personalized Learning Cycle



     Teacher develops a Learning M.A.P. (my achievement plan) based on a standard or group of standards and introduces new learning.


    Students pre-assess current level of skill and knowledge on the standard or group of standards. Students analyze pre-assessment data for current level of mastery or gaps on learning targets.

    set goals

    Students set learning goals and develop a personalized learning plan. Students can choose learning and practice suggestions from teacher developed Learning M.A.P. or choose their own.

    follow plan

    Students follow their personalized learning plan. Teachers support learning, hold on demand mini-lessons, lead small group instruction, and conference with students.

    Formative assessments

    Students use formative assessments to monitor progress towards goals and adjust or revise their personalized learning plan as needed.


     Students post-assess their new learning and reflect on the process and the choices they made. Students move on to the next Learning M.A.P., revisit learning or practice suggestions, or get extra support.

    apply learning

     Students apply new learning with a performance task. Performance tasks are based on one or more Learning M.A.P. Students move through the cycle at their own pace.