• At times, we face challenges and tribulations.  When we suppose we cannot lever the heat of our existential plights, we discover ways to roll out of the encounters of life and create new life, new hope and new vision.  
    This is what Might Golden Scarabs do;
    roll out and formulate new life out of tough dilemmas.
    In Ancient Egyptian times, the Egyptians were captivated by the resilience of the Sacred Scarab. They observed its tenacity in the harshest conditions of the hot desert, as it was the only living creature to withstand the desert heat and wind.  The Ancient Egyptians observed and recorded its ability to bear 100 times its body weight as it lifted rocks and other objects over long distances.  They marveled at the Sacred Scarab's ability to conceal itself in the desert floor, giving the illusion of earth not as one, but as hundreds.  Ancient Egyptians believed the Sacred Scarab had regenerative powers, not only to return from death, but also to resurrect itself in great numbers.  They deemed the Sacred Scarabs the Deity Ra, who was charged with rolling the sun across the sky, out of the darkness and into the light!