• Attendance and Tardiness

    The student school day is from 9:35am-4:05pm. Students may be dropped off for breakfast from 9:05am-9:35am. Students may not be dropped off prior to 9:05am. If your child will be absent, tardy, or picked up early, please call 216-838-8350 in order to notify us of his/her absence. Please provide your child’s name, room number and the reason for their absence. Also, please send a note the next day your child comes to school excusing him/her for the absence. It is imperative that your child is in school every day in order to learn everything they have to learn for the upcoming school year.

    Early Pick-Up & Dismissal

    If your child will be picked up early from school, please call school and/or send a note with your child in order to have them ready in the office at the specified time. Please remember that students will not be released after 3:15 p.m. to alleviate interruptions to the educational process of the students. School dismissal is at 3:55 p.m. promptly. Please make every effort to pick up your child on time at their designated areas.


    At Buhrer Dual Language Academy you child’s safety comes first. Please report to the office when entering the building. You will be asked to sign the visitors log, provide identification, and be given a visitors pass. If you would like to meet with your child's teacher, you must make an appointment ahead of time in order to honor your time and the privacy of your child.

    Uniform / Dress Code


    Buhrer Dual Language Academy strictly adheres to the dress code policy set forth by the Cleveland Metropolitan School District. Please see attached dress code/uniform policy. The will be NO exceptions to this policy.

    Cell Phone Policy

    At Buhrer Dual Language Academy we understand that cellular phones to children now a day is a safety precaution. Students will be allowed to bring their cellular phones into the school building, but may not utilize them at any point during the school day. All cell phones MUST be turned off during the school day and stored. Students in grades PK-4 will keep cell phones inside their books bags at their classroom cubicles and students in grades 5-8 will keep their cell phones inside their bookbags/lockers. We will not be responsible for loss of cell phones in any way. There will be NO exceptions to this policy. Thank you for your understanding.

    Student Code of Conduct 

     At Buhrer Dual Language Academy, the Student Code of Conduct provides students, parents, teachers and school administrators in maintaining an environment conducive to student learning and positive behavior. It is the responsibility of each student, parent and citizen to understand that the school is a community governed by rules and regulations. The major purpose of these is not punitive control; rather, it is protection of the rights of others and to enable all students to take full advantage of their educational opportunities.