• Our Vision

    Our vision is for all students to learn in a rigorous 21st century academic community that enriches the development of the whole child, both academically and social-emotionally, achieving high academic performance in both Spanish and English in all core subjects within a positive and collaborative multicultural environment.


    Our Mission

    Our mission is to provide opportunities for Cleveland children to:

    • Achieve academic performance at or above grade level by using scaffolding, SIOP strategies, differentiation, immediate interventions, practical real world activities and project based learning.
    • Develop the child as a whole, both academically and social-emotionally.
    • Develop cross-cultural global understanding, positive communication and collaboration strategies.
    • Develop fluency in Spanish/English through bilingual education.
    • A collaborative environment where best practices are shared and all stakeholders work together to achieve common goals that aim for the purpose of student learning for all children.