Buhrer Dual Language Academy

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Our Pride

  • Buhrer is home to the first dual language education program in Ohio. All classes are taught in English and Spanish, and Buhrer students become proficient in both languages. They also graduate with high school credit in Spanish I. While Buhrer is unique in its two-language approach, it uses widely accepted methods that spur student achievement in all subjects, including math and science.

    Our vision is for all students to learn in a rigorous 21st century academic community that enriches the development of the whole child, both academically and social-emotionally, achieving high academic performance in both Spanish and English in all core subjects within a positive and collaborative multicultural environment.

    Our mission is to provide opportunities for Cleveland children to:

    • develop the child as a whole, both academically and social-emotionally.
    • develop a cross-cultural understanding and collaboration strategies.
    • develop fluency in Spanish/English through bilingual education.

    We are a proud Say Yes School! Being a Say Yes School provides our scholars with the support and resources necessary to meet their academic and social-emotional needs. Our scholars have the opportunity to engage in after school programming Monday-Thursday from 4:05-5:45pm. We are also very lucky to have welcomed Ms. Mora, our Family Support Specialist, to Buhrer to help support our scholars and their families.

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  • Address:
    1600 Buhrer Avenue
    Cleveland, OH 44109
    Main Number:  216.838.8350
    Hours: 9:35 am - 4:05pm 

    Administrative Team

    Principal: Michele Sánchez
    Assistant Principal: Marjorie Caraballo
    Dean of Student Engagement: Bemelyss Colon
    Administrative Assistant: Keonna Scott
    Network: 2
    Network Leader: Sonja Clark