• "A Little Glenville High School History"
    The history of Glenville High began in the early 1900's when the school opened its doors on Parkwood Drive in Cleveland, Ohio. The neighborhood at the times was predominately Jewish and Eastern European immigrants. The area enjoyed many years of upper middle class notoriety. As the school aged, its student body increased and the neighborhood changed. By the mid 1960's a new Glenville High School was starting to be built.
    In September 1966 the new Glenville opened its doors at 650 East 113th Street. The old Glenville was converted to Franklin Delano Roosevelt Junior High and has since been torn down to make room for new residential housing. As a new school, it was a state of art and beauty to behold. In fact, the plan was popular enough to be duplicated on the southeast side of town.
    Glenville now has a student body made up of a racially diverse mix derived from busing. The academic and sports programs continue to thrive  as Glenville continues to improve as a Phase II investment school under the Cleveland Metropolitan School District's Cleveland Plan.  One thing is for certain, the "Tarblooder" spirit is still alive at Glenville High School, where we are "Enriched by Tradition and  Dedicated to Achieving Excellent through Hard Work and Collaboration".