• Glenville Staff Assignments

    Administrative Staff

    Administrative Staff
    Title Name Email
    Principal Ms. Jackie Bell jacqueline.bell@clevelandmetroschools.org
    Principal Dr. Samuel Scavella samuel.scavella@clevelandmetroschools.org
    Resident Principal Mr. Brandon Towns brandon.towns@clevelandmetroschools.org
    Assistant Principal Mr. Theron Harris theron.harris@clevelandmetroschools.org
    Assistant Principal Ms. Margaret Robinson margaret.robinson@clevelandmetroshools.org
    Curriculum & Instructional Specialist Ms. Nilsa Walker nilsa.walker@clevelandmetroschools.org
    Dean of Engagement Mr. Michael Williams michael.williams@clevelandmetroschools.org
    School Secretary Ms. Valerie Watkins valerie.watkins@clevelandmetroschools.org

    Instructional Staff

    Instructional Staff
    Grade/Subject Teacher Email
    Spanish Ms. Magaly Alvarado magaly.Alvarado@clevelandmetroschools.org
    Math   Ms. Adriana Basho adriana.basho@clevelandmetroschools.org
    Social Studies Ms. Beverly Beard-Little beverly.beard-little@clevelandmetroschools.org
    SpEd. Science Ms. Gwendolyn Blade gwendolyn.blade@clevelandmetroschools.org
    Credit Recovery   Mr. Kenneth Clemons kenneth.clemons@clevelandmetroschools.org
    Special Education   Ms. Kyle Corwin  
    Army Science  Sgt. Steve Dantzler  
    English  Ms. Shannon Davis  
    Intervention Specialist  Ms. Lisa Donahue   
    Science  Mr. William Dunn  
    SpEd.  Math  Ms. Kimberly Golphin  
    English  Ms.  Elaine Griffin  
    Math  Ms.  Kimili Gulley  
    SpEd.  English  Ms. Ga-Vita Haynes  
    PE/Health  Mr. Michael Holt  
    English  Ms. Shanita Horton  
    Science   Ms. Luz Jimenez  
    Intervention Specialist  Ms. Michelle Jones  
    Planning Center  Ms. Keisha King  
    Credit Recovery  Mr. Michael Klauss  
    Intervention Specialist  Mr. Don Williams  
    Art   Ms. Julie McNulty  
    SpEd.  E.D./E.L.A.   Ms. Andretta Montgomery  
    SpEd. Social Studies  Mr. Louis Moore  
    Science  Mr. Seamus O'Hara  
    Math   Ms. Jennifer Parsh  
    Paraprofessional  Mr. Edward Victor   
    MH-Intervention Specialist   Ms. LaQiana Watkins  
    JROTC  Ms. Yolanda Wilson  
    Paraprofessional  Ms. Yvonne Wright  

    Building Staff

    Building Staff
    Title Name email
    Couselor  Ms. Rhonda Wesby-Smith  
    Nurse  Ms. Veronica Adams  
    Speech  Ms. Domique Alioto  
    Probation Officer  Mr. Eric Ball  
    CTAG  Mr. Allan Cabaniss  
    Y.O.U.  Ms. Heather Goode  
    Athletics  Mr. Andre Haynes  
    Attendance Liason  Ms. Kathy Pope  
    Transition Coordinator  Ms. Brenda Robinson  
    Library and Media Center  Ms. Kim Smith  
    Food Service Manager  Ms. Kiki Hardy  
    Head Custodian  Mr. John Jackson  
    Assistant Custodian  Ms. Vashti Payne-Smith  
    Custodian  Mr. Vincent Hunt  
    Lead Officer  Officer Dayle Prevo  
    Security  Officer Regina Matthews  
    Security  Officer Ryan Lottier  
    Security  Officer Harry Jones  
    City Year