• October Family Letter 23'

        ” We learn from each other, and we are lifelong learners here at ANTON GRDINA.

    Let’s delve into it!

    You are all aware that we had our first district “Pulse Check” this past week.

    Nevertheless, OUR PULSE CHECK takes place each day, where staff model and reinforce Anton Grdina’s expectations.

    The obvious question, what evidence is provided to support that claim, that staff model elevated expectations at Anton Grdina.

    Here is the evidence:

         **Teachers are standing at their door receiving scholars as they enter class

         ** Teachers are asking questions to encourage critical thinking

         ** Teachers are providing instruction aligned to State Standards/Scope of Sequence Standards from the district.

         ** Teachers share correspondence and support each other during learning experiences in Teacher Based Team meetings (TBT), Professional Development (PD’s), and Committee meetings. Not to mention Grade band meetings to review daily operations and logistics as scholars navigate throughout the school day.

    **Our small data-- indicates that our suspensions are substantially less compared to this same time last year. Consequently, reflecting the use of restorative practices, strengthening classroom management (use of “proximity,” “reinforcing routines, and reinforcing in and out of classroom expectations via PBIS.

    As we approach the end of the first quarter, Anto Grdina continues to make positive strides to ensure our scholars are being challenged with IBL.

    And to continue to do so, our role as school leaders is dependent on the following steps:

    *READ THE CULTURE OF OUR SCHOOL-- this means to continue observing the attitudes of teachers in and outside of the classroom and in staff meetings (holding each other accountable) and understanding the general feeling of students towards the school and the staff.

    *IDENTIFY WHICH ASPECTS ARE TOXIC AND WHICH ARE POSITIVE-- write down the aspects of our school that improve the atmosphere and those which cause negative feelings in teachers and students.

    *REINFORCE POSITIVE ELEMENTS—from that list, pull out the positive aspects of your school culture, and include other values, attitudes, or qualities that you would like to see in our school. Share your findings with our PBIS Team and come up with a unified approach to bring about change to foster a positive outcome.


    Remember ANTON GRDINA, we are a family, and every family member contributes to the welfare of the family.


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