• The intent of this handbook is to assist students, parents, teachers and school administrators in maintaining an environment conducive to student learning and positive behavior. It is the responsibility of each student, parent and citizen to understand that the school is a community governed by rules and regulations. The major purpose of these is not punitive control; rather, it is protection of the rights of others and to enable all students to take full advantage of their educational opportunities.

    The Cleveland Metropolitan School District recognizes that a safe and secure learning and working environment is essential to the achievement of the educational goals and objectives of the District. Accordingly, the District reaffirms its commitment to provide for the safety of students, employees, parents and all other school community stakeholders. Everyone in the Cleveland Metropolitan School District shall treat one another with respect and support, recognizing that the ultimate success of the District in educating Cleveland’s children requires the efforts of each and every individual.

    This code of conduct applies to all school premises; to all phases of school operations, including but not limited to curricular and extra-curricular activities, while being transported on a school bus or authorized transportation at any school-sponsored activity; and to any other circumstances such that the conduct in question has an effect of disrupting school operations or otherwise depriving any student of educational interest or opportunities.

    The Cleveland Metropolitan School District affirms its commitment to providing a quality education for all of Cleveland’s children. The term “children” includes students in both elementary and secondary grades. The Cleveland Metropolitan School District is committed to creating safe, supportive, orderly, productive schools. The goal of the Cleveland Metropolitan School District is to support students and staff by developing positive conditions for learning. That commitment is key to the success of the Student Code of Conduct and to the success of our students.

    The Student Code of Conduct is designed to clarify District policies governing the rights and responsibilities of students in the Cleveland Metropolitan School District. Students, staff, parents and others are encouraged to study, discuss and understand the contents to ensure that such rights and responsibilities are respected and met.

    Whenever the term “school” is used in this handbook, it refers to all instances when the student is subject to the authority of the school. Some examples include athletic events, school dances and field trips. Students are also under the authority of the school when traveling to and from school. 

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