• Moby Max 

    Moby Max provides differentiated instruction based on the Common Core Standards in all subject areas. Every student at Benjamin Franklin has access to Moby Max and can complete assignments both in school and at home.
    (School Code = oh244) 

    Ten Marks Math

    Ten Marks provides instructional activities based on the Common Core Standards. It provides in depth concepts across all domains in every grade level in order for scholars' to master grade level appropriate math skills.



    Xtra Math

    Xtra Math is a free online program designed to increase scholars' fluency in addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. It can be utilized as an intervention tool for scholars struggling with number operations and also as additional practice for scholars to be able to memorize math facts. 


    I-Ready is an online learning program designed to provide instruction in both reading and math differentiated to scholars' ability levels. I-Ready is a subscription based program utilized at Benjamin Franklin for Tier II and Tier III interventions for struggling learners and to extend learning for our gifted learners. Please contact your scholars' teacher to determine if they are enrolled in I-Ready this school year and to obtain log in information.


    FuelEd is an online learning platform currently utilized in middle school. Seventh and eighth grade scholars have access to dozens of courses in reading, math, social studies, science, and electives. FuelEd is a part of our blended learning program being implemented at the middle school level. In addition to grade level courses, courses are available to remediation and enrichment. CMSD also offers high school credit options to scholars using the FuelEd online curriculum.