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  • How will I be notified of special events/announcements?

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    There are a variety of ways that we communicate special announcements/events going on at Benji.

    1. The teachers usually communicate with their parents via ClassDojo or another type of messaging system.

    2. Flyers are usually sent home with the student in their take home folder. Checking their bookbag daily is recommended for these reasons.

    3. A monthly newsletter is sent home to parents to communicate special dates and events.

    4. The Benjamin Franklin website has a calendar with important dates, it's also linked to our social media accounts to ensure it reaches everyone.

    5. An IVR can be sent home by a staff member regarding special instructions and dates.

    6. Follow us on Facebook: Benjamin Franklin Thunderbolts and Instagram: @Benfranklinthunderbolt for our latest news. 


    *Please make sure that your contact information is up-to-date to reduce any miscommunication.*

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  • How do I register my scholar at Benjamin Franklin?

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    The following documents are required for registration:

    • Birth Certificate
    • Immunization Record (Baby Shots)
    • Proof of Address
    • Withdrawal Form, most recent Report Card, or Transcript 
    • Guardian’s State ID
    • Guardianship/Custody Documents (if applicable)

    Parents/Guardians are encouraged to print the Enrollment Form. The completed form should be taken to the registration site along with all required documents. 


    If you need more information, please visit https://www.clevelandmetroschools.org/Page/395#what

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  • What are the dress code guidelines

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    All scholars who attend a CMSD school is required to follow dress code. The dress code guidelines are as follows:
    1.  No hooded jackets.
    2.  Shirts should be tucked in.
    3.  Females:  any solid color blouses with collars, polo shirts with collars, oxford tops with collars or turtlenecks.
    4.  Males- any solid color dress shirts with collars, polo shirts with collars, oxford button-down shirts with collars or turtlenecks.
    5. No striped tops or clothing for males or females. 
    1. Blue or white only!
    2. No insignia or logos. 
    3. Approved  colors are blue or white.
    1. No jeans or sweatsuits.
    2. Females: skirts, jumpers, slacks, knee length shorts, capris- all items knee length or longer.
    3. Males: pants, knee length shorts.
    4: Colors:
          A. Dark blue/navy, black or tan/khaki. 
    5. Material: uniform, dress or corduroy.
    No Headgear of any type.
    All scholars are required to wear belts (black,navy,light or dark brown) for slacks, skirts, shorts, skorts with belt loops.
    All belts should have not have an insignia or logo.  
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  • How do I contact my scholar's teacher?

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    You can call the main office to request an appointment to meet with your scholar(s) teacher. Also, teachers use the ClassDojo application to communicate with their parents. If all of these outlets do not work, you can use the directory located in the Faculty/Staff tab. 

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  • What time is arrival and dismissal?

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    Students who wish to eat breakfast should arrive promptly at 7:40 am, classes begin promptly at 8 am. Students are dismissed promptly at 2:30 pm. 

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