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    1905 Spring Road
    Cleveland, OH 44109
    216.838.3150 - Main Number
    216.778.6575 - fax
    8:00 a.m. -2:30 p.m.

    Rachel Snider


    Network Leader:
    Andrew Koonce

    Ward: 12

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Welcome to Benjamin Franklin!

    Benjamin Franklin

    Benjamin Franklin PreK-8 school is a unique, community-based school that lays a foundation for all scholars for success in learning, citizenship and career. Benjamin Franklin scholars benefit from:

    • a diverse student body that includes 13% gifted and talented students, 16% special education students and 4% English language learners.
    • nearly 50 certified and highly qualified teachers who set high expectations for academic achievement. 
    • academic programs that differentiate and meet the needs of individual scholars while ensuring they are on track to meet expected growth targets.
    • strong community partnerships, including the Ohio State University extension program that provides a horticulture curriculum and community engagement opportunities for scholars.  
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