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The Art House-Urban Bright Arts in Education Program




Denison Fall UB

Third graders from Denison school worked together on their silk banners during an Urban Bright Residency with Peggy Wertheim. The theme was “The Meaning of Tolerance.”


Art House’s award winning Urban Bright Arts-in-Education Program is an artist residency program that provides students with meaningful, hands-on arts opportunities and exposure to artists, methods, and materials to which they would otherwise not be exposed. The program aims to promote critical thinking, improve communication skills, and increase each students’ ability to participate in teamwork settings.

Through grant funding, AH is able to provide the Urban Bright residency programs to individual schools. AH works with schools to tailor an artist residency appropriate for a specific grade and group of students (classroom). The Education Coordinator works collaboratively with teachers, principals, and artists to plan the residency, providing a qualified and professional artist, all supplies, and an agreed upon curriculum, often integrating applicable standards from the Ohio Common Core.

Teaching artist Kate Ward Terry helps students at Lincoln-West High School make handmade paper. This residency took place with teens in the English as a Second Language program.



These are examples of participants’ feedback on what the Urban Bright program means in their lives:

“One student is not engaged every day in class. This project, however, brought out the best in him. He was involved and followed instructions with enthusiasm.”  – Lincoln-West High School Teacher.

“I enjoyed the creativeness the teacher brought out of me and the surprise of actually making something out of coir and wire.” -John Marshall High School Student

“I love doing art work. My feeling about art is that it makes me happy.” -Denison School Student

“I was surprised that art can be expressed in so many forms.” -James Ford Rhodes High School Student

Our Funders

Urban Bright is made possible through the generosity of private donors, in-kind support, and grants through philanthropic foundations including the following:


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To learn how your school can become involved with the Urban Bright Arts-in-Education Program please contact Art House at 216-398-8556 or

    For short-term art programs and field trips, please call or contact

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