• Assessment Department

    Testing The Assessment Department manages the administration of district, state, and national testing programs for CMSD.

    District tests currently include CMSD Benchmark tests, NWEA tests, STAR tests, and Student Growth Measures. These district tests serve as both summative and formative assessments. They are useful to predict how students will perform on the state tests, monitor a student's progress over time, as well as provide instructionally relevant feedback to teachers about their students' skills.

    State tests currently include the Ohio Graduation Tests (OGT), Ohio State Tests (OST), OELPA, Kindergarten Readiness Assessment (KRA), pre-school assessments, state diagnostics, screenings for gifted & talented identification, as well as others. These tests are required by the state of Ohio and each test has a specific purpose.

    National assessments include the National Assessment for Educational Progress (NAEP) which allows the Cleveland school district and the state of Ohio to compare our student academic achievement to other cities and states in the country. The Assessment Department also coordinates the administration of the SAT, PSAT, and ACT which are assessments that determine college and career readiness.


    Our goals are to:

    • Develop District pre-K – 12 assessment strategies
    • Assist in development of formative assessments
    • Manage Federal, State, and District testing initiatives
    • Provide accurate and timely information regarding testing purposes, procedures, and results
    • Provide guidance on the appropriate use of assessment results for accountability
    • Work with the Curriculum department to select appropriate assessments
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    LaTisha Grimes
    Executive Director of Assessments Testing and Logistics
    Email | Phone: 216.838.0159
    NAEP; OST; CAP; Encore PSAT; OGT; ACT; SAT; OST; Pro-Core
    Richard Buehner
    Performance Specialist
    Email | Phone: 216.838.0141
    ASQ/ECO; Ohio Diagnostic; ELA QualityCore, Linkage
    Tracy (Saroya) Queen-Tabor
    Manager of Electronic Assessments
    Email | Phone: 216.838.0218
    Roletha Steward
    Testing and Logistics Specialist
    Email | Phone: 216.838.4951
    CAP; Encore; OST paper Pro-Core
    Cinderella Stewart
    Testing and Logistics Specialist
    Email | Phone: 216.838.4952
    Odessa Penn
    Data Analyst
    Email | Phone: 216.838.4972