• Free 6-part webinar series- understanding special education

    This free 6-part series will help families and caregivers understand and/or refresh their knowledge regarding the special education process. These episodes can help families:

    • Initiate the special education process
    • Recognize services available to their child 
    • Advocate for their child’s unique needs
    • Understand affordability, scholarships, and resources
    • Visualize an IEP in action
    • And more! 

    The series begins on Thursday, February 3rd at 12:00 pm! This series is open to parents, families, educators, providers, and community partners. Registrants DO NOT need to attend Julie Billiart Schools to attend. Each event lasts approximately 45-minutes and is free for anyone at any stage in the school journey. All webinars will be held live but also recorded and shared for those who can't make it. 

    For more information please contact Sam Voshall at 216-716-8318 or svoshall@jbschool.org

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    Picture of learning aid ohio

    Learning Aid Ohio aims to provide supplemental learning support for students with IEPs during this unique school year

    You can browse our list of learning providers to find the assistance you need for your family for free

    Application is required

    Click here to apply