• House Teams

    House Teams are a community of scholars and staff that engage in monthly community building activities. Students are inducted into a House Team in 1st grade by our visiting wizard, DumbleDOOORE. 

    Our House Teams: 

    House Team Valor - Spain

    House Team Raveur - France

    House Team Sazi - South Africa

    House Team Awari -Nigeria

    Each House Team hails from a different part of the world.

    Each team is multi-age, and meet together to do activities and compete for points once a month.

    At the end of the year, the team with the most points is awarded the House Team Cup. 

    Current reigning champions: House Team Valor. 

  • House Teams: November 

    For our November event, our House Teams went on a virtual "field trip" to different parts of the world, depending on the "home country" of the house team. 

    To see the African Safari that House Team Sazi went on (live all the time) click here

    To see the information on Nigeria (with awesome embedded videos!) that House Team Awari learned about this week, click here

    Thanks to everyone who came on our virtual field trip! We hope you had fun. See you in December!