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    Inquiry-Based Learning Coming to William Rainey Harper!

    New for the 2018-2019 school year: William Rainey Harper will use an inquiry-based approach to learning to help your scholars become ready for high school, college and careers. In our new approach to teaching, learning how to find answers and solve problems is as important as finding the right answers.

    What is Inquiry-Based Learning?

    A method of learning in which students are encouraged to recognize and state problems, to ask questions about these problems in a manners that allows them to pursue answers are both the final product and starting point for further study.

    What does reasearch say? Click HERE

    What is Inquiry-Based Learning? Check out this VIDEO

     What does this mean for your scholar?

    * Better preparation for high school, college and the real world

    * Scholars explore school subject matter by asking questions, doing investigations and answering questions

    * They learn skills so they can present their research process and their answers to their teachers and classmates

    * Hands-on activities to help them learn

     Call us today 216-838-3350 to learn how this Inquiry-Based approach at William Rainey Harper can prepare your children for a bright future!

     “Inquiry-based learning doesn’t demand a right answer; it asks for an explanation.”

    Laina Porter, The Educator’s Room