• For the upcoming school year, there will be some changes made to our dress code/uniform policy. We wanted to give families advance notice of these changes to our dress code. We are excited about these changes and are proud of the progress we have made as a school community.

    Students who violate the student dress code shall be required to modify their appearance by wearing a school provided shirt or bottom.  We are prepared to offer students replacement shirts and shorts in the event their clothing is deemed inappropriate/out of dress code. If we have clothes that will fit, scholars will change and then can return to class. Students who refuse to change may be subject to disciplinary consequences and will remain in the planning center for the day.

    We look forward to a smooth year-end with the cooperation of our students and their families.


    See below for the expectations:


    Polo/Collared Shirts: Colors – Royal Blue and Navy Blue. Each scholar will be provided one free Harper Logo Uniform shirt - additional shirts are available for purchase at the price of $10 per shirt. 

                                      *No longer will white shirts be a part of our dress code

                                      *Harper Logo Uniform shirts are to be worn EVERY Monday


    Pants/Skirts/Shorts: Colors – Navy Blue, Black, Grey, Khaki

     All skirts, pants, and shorts must be knee length.


    Sweaters (Crew Neck and Button Down): Color – Navy Blue, Black, Grey


    Hoodies: Cannot be worn in class or hallways


    Harper T-shirts: Only worn on Fridays or on school approved dress down or field trip days.


    P.E. Shirt: Worn only on days scholars have P.E. class and are to be worn under their uniform shirt. After PE scholars are required to change back into their school shirt.

    *A limited amount of PE shirts can be purchased for $10 per shirt. Please return the PE order form and money in with your child.*


    Educationally yours,


    Dr. Ajayi Monell


    William Rainey Harper

    IB Candidacy School


    *One of our additional areas of support that we will be adding to Harper is our “Lending a Paw” application. This application will be a way for families to apply for support around different things such as uniforms, field trips, school supplies, etc. The aplication can be found under the "About Us" section of our website or in the front office.