Safe Routes to School

    Safe Routes to School enables and encourages students in grades K-8 to safely walk or ride their bicycles to school. Safe Routes can improve community safety, increase health and wellness, improve academic performance, and help the environment!

    We use 5 Es to make routes to school safer:

    • Education—Teaching students how to walk and ride to school safely
    • Encouragement—Using activities and programs to make walking and biking fun and safe
    • Engineering—Improving sidewalks and roads 
    • Enforcement—Working with police, crossing guards, and community members to make sure that laws are being followed
    • Evaluation—Checking that what we are doing is making a difference

    The Cleveland Safe Routes to School team is planning for route improvements in the coming years. The fun is already starting at some schools, though! Be on the lookout for Walk and Bike to School Days and other events at select schools this year.

    You can get involved by:

    • Sharing your experiences or concerns with walking or biking to school.
    • Encouraging your child to walk or bike to school if it makes sense for your family.
    • Volunteering for a Safe Routes event at your child’s school.


Safe Routes to School