• Academic Focus

    What teaching & learning will look like for your child this year

    As we consider what teaching and learning will look like at Wade Park School this year, our primary goal is to ensure every child receives engaging and personalized instruction using 21st Century technology. When our school was shut down due to COVID-19, we saw how quickly too many of our scholars and families were cut off from the supports they needed, with no access to computers and high-speed Internet.  CMSD moved quickly, and continues to move to ensure every CMSD household is connected to their schools and to other family supports this year.  

    Similarly, our Academic programs this year will be tailored to closing the achievement gap between children of color and their white peers.  Together with your support, our priorities are to improve attendance , increase reading proficiency  and expand social emotional learning.  Wade Park holds every scholar to our highest academic expectations for their success and our educators are focused on meeting the diverse needs of all scholars. 

    • Project-Based Learning
    • Varied strategies to ensure joyful adventurous learning
    • Engaging students in authentic learning, real-life applications and interdisciplinary connections.
    • Daily writing across the curriculum
    • Daily intervention and enrichment to meet kids where they are
    • Ensuring students achieve content mastery and transition to the next level at their own pace
    • Using technology to differentiate instruction and enhance learning



    Our ultimate goal in science instruction is to immerse scholars in reading, writing, and arguing like real scientists and engineers, in classrooms alive with inquiry and discovery.  All Wade Park scholars receive rich science instruction with a STEM focus and middle grade scholars have a dedicated science teacher. As Wade Park science classes center on an experiment or activity on any given day, scholars may build on these activities to increase their intellectual development and curiosity. These activities serve as the foundation for rich discussion and analysis in which teachers guide scholars to a deeper understanding of the relevant scientific principles. 

    • e4Tech coding to create video games
    • Coding through 3D printers
    • Design & Build student challenges
    • S.O.L.E. 
    • STEAM Fair Participation
    • JET Toy Challenge
    • Virtual Reality opportunities  



    Our mathematics curriculum requires teachers to deepen scholars' understanding of mathematical concepts while in the classroom.  We focus deeply on the major work of each grade so that students can gain strong foundations: solid conceptual understanding, a high degree of procedural skill and fluency, and the ability to apply the math they know to solve problems inside and outside the math classroom.  Our Pre-K -8  school math sequence builds on the mastery of arithmetic, geometry, fractions, measurement, and data analysis, and develops problem solving skills.   

    • Hands on Learning
    • Math Accountable Talk
    • Use of math manipulatives
    • iReady Math
    • Into Math
    • Study Island
    • Math Competitions
    • Connect Kindergarten

    Encore Offerings & Enrichment

    By participating in extra-curricular activities, students develop skills like resilience, perseverance and a growth mindset that benefits them academically and socially. Wade Park’s diverse Encore offerings are designed to help scholars develop self-confidence, teamwork and accountability, while building new knowledge.  

    Wade Park offers all scholars Art, Music, Physical Education, Reading Intervention, and Media. In addition, a host of community partners provide direct support to Wade Park scholars, including:  Cleveland State University, Cuyahoga Community College, Centers for Arts & Inspired Learning, America SCORES Cleveland, UMADAOP and Greater Cleveland Neighborhood Centers Association.

    Music, Art, Physical Education & Media

    • Elementary Choir
    • Middle School Choir
    • Band/Orchestra
    • Free private trumpet and trombone lessons provided by The Cleveland Orchestra musicians
    • Bucket Drums
    • Art Club
    • Field Day
    • Special Olympics
    • Computer/technology activities
    • High interest/ High level reading material
    • Exposure to African American literature
    • Book Club 

    Social Emotional Learning Development

    Wade Park strives to ensure that all scholars learn in a caring and secure environment. We are committed to providing a nurturing and safe place where each scholar is encouraged to cultivate strong social and emotional learning into all aspects of their lives. It is our goal that the experiences provided at Wade Park will empower our scholars to trust in their leadership potential; not only when they are at school, but at home and in their communities.

    • PATHS/Second Step curriculum
    • Student Ambassadors Program
    • Restorative Justice Practices
    • Positive Behavior Intervention Systems
    • Student of the Month recognition
    • Attendance Celebrations
    • Eagle Buck Citizenship Store
    • CTAG
    • Father’s Walk
    • Family Heart Ball

    Technology: Verizon & Digital Promise

    Wade Park families have access to free high-speed internet at home provided by EmpowerCLE & DigitalC.  This amazing partnership empowers families to access learning materials at home.  Wade Park School is pleased to announce that we received the Verizon & Digital Promise Project Grant! This extremely competitive grant was given to only six schools in the Cleveland Metropolitan School District for the 2020-2021 school year. 

    COVID-19 drew needed attention to the fact that many children did not have access to high-speed internet at home. This inequality not only furthered the homework gap but put at-risk students at a learning disadvantage. Further, we found that families without Internet were cut off from the connectivity they previously accessed at libraries and other “hot spots” needed to apply for unemployment, connect with their physicians, through telehealth, etc.

    By ensuring that all CMSD students and families have devices and Internet access this year, students who were previously underserved can now develop the tools and confidence they need to become tomorrow’s innovators. Even better, our widespread connection to the Internet can help us ignite our students’ interest in STEM careers and the opportunities they provide for them to become lifelong learners, creators, and problem solvers.

    • A full time technology coach that works with staff and students
    • iPads for every Wade Park student in grades 5 – 8
    • Professional development for middle grades staff and school administrators
    • Improved and increased high speed internet at the school