• The mission of Wade Park is to provide each child with engaging and personalized instruction using 21st century technology that addresses individual styles and needs in a cooperative, nurturing, and safe environment. 

    As we seek to develop global citizens, Wade Park provides opportunities for scholars to attend various learning journeys.  


    Engage- scholars in keynote speeches and small group discussions to discuss the transformation that can take place when scholars work hard, dream big, and ask “why not”.

    Empower-scholars with personal success stories to encourage and motivate them to stay in school and realize the possibilities for their future. 

    Inspire-scholars to experience success at school using the PATHS curriculum and strategies.  Discuss innovative approaches that are being used at Wade Park to engage, empower, and inspire students for success.

    We believe that integrating learning journeys into the curriculum creates global citizens!


    Students in Washington, D.C.



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